S-E-N-I-O-R-S Seniors! Seniors! Are the BEST!!!

I can still hear the seniors making us as freshmen chant that over, and over, wearing ridiculous outfits with bad hair. It was initiations for making Varsity Cheer. Pretty sure initiations are a thing of the past, or at least a lawsuit waiting to happen, and that class of 2015 knows nothing about them. You missed out 2015, but hey you’ve grown up in a world with infinitely better cells phones(Thank you Steve Jobs). If you can imagine, to text the letter “C”, I had to press the number 2 button four times. Very inefficient, and very hard to hide from teachers, but we managed.

You see this new year of our’s marks a big one for me, ten years ago I graduated high school. How can that be? High School, yes that felt like a decade, but the ten years since have flown by. The wrinkles on my forehead tell me otherwise, but I’ll still pretend to be young and hip. Since I just used the word hip, therefore making me very un-hip.

Seniors are fun, fresh, exhausted with school, and soooo ready to be done. They are on the brink of life with so much LIFE headed their way. I love their energy, and the world is ready for them. Especially this one, Miss Amber. This girl is a hard worker, and always the life of the party. She loves clothes, fashion, and photography. I can’t imagine why, considering the camera loves her!(Said in a British accent, of course, and add a darling at the end.) She is just one of many 2015 Seniors ready to take on the world.

And if I do say so myself, get ready world, here comes Amber.

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